Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tuning Your Heart to Worship: A Worshipper's Journey through the Psalms Devotional

I'm excited to announce that my latest book, Tuning Your Heart to Worship: A Worshipper's Journey through the Psalm's Devotional is set to be released on November 6, 2017. 

Publisher's Description
What is worship exactly? Let author and worship leader Lavon Gray, in his book Tuning Your Heart to Worship, take you on a 100-day theological journey into the heart of worship with one of the most soul-inspiring writers of all time—King David. To grow in your understanding of what true worship looks like in the heart of a believer, each daily devotion traces the theology of worship through a specific Scripture passage and includes the author’s personal experiences and insights supporting the theological truths surrounding our acts of worship


“May I commend to you Dr. Lavon Gray’s newest book based on the book of Psalms.  This wonderful resource centered on my “favorite” book of the Bible is devotional in nature and highly practical in format.  Using real-world experience and anecdotes, along with solid scriptural principles, Dr. Gray helps modern day believers apply God’s Word to daily issues.  It is refreshing and genuine.  This book will become one of your favorites!”
Dr. Frank S. Page, President and Chief Executive Officer
Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

“Spending time with Lavon Gray has been a life enriching experience for me as a local church Worship Pastor. He not only loves God but his love for church worship is contagious. Turning Your Heart to Worship is a daily guide to help us enter into a fresh daily experience with God. Lavon has captured the essence of worship through the Psalms and this book will be a source of encouragement to all that read it.”
Ray Jones, Worship Pastor
Community Bible Church, San Antonio, Texas

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