Friday, August 8, 2014

Barna Study Explores Technology, Millennials and Faith

It seems much of our conversation these days revolve around Millennials. There's a great reason for this: they are the largest generation in American history (over 80 million strong) and are redefining how we do church. The Barna Group released a study several months ago that gives an overview of how Millennials integrate technology and faith. While the majority of the study will not be surprising, one of the most interesting revelations is that Millennials use their smart phones and notebooks to fact check what is being said or preached from the pulpit. I experience this reality on a regular basis when teaching in classroom or conference settings. Often someone will ask a question...using a statement I have made in an interview or blog, or by referencing research they have identified during my session. We are now being held accountable in real-time....which is a good thing!

Below are key findings from the project. I hope you find them enlightening!
Pursuing the Call!

How Technology is Changing Millennial Faith Infographic

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