Saturday, March 17, 2012

Look Who's Laughing...

Sometimes it helps to stop and laugh at ourselves...especially with the ritualistic ways we plan and lead worship.  This video highlights some of the laughable (but sadly predictable) characteristics of our modern worship models.  One word of caution to those who prefer traditional or blended: don't laugh too hard because there's a video for you too!

The truth is, people are desperately seeking authenticity. Unfortunately, many of us have gotten so wrapped up in styles and approaches that we've forgotten the importance of what God has called us to do: to share His love with a world that is dying and going to hell. When our focus becomes directed on form (regardless of the approach) we plan and lead "teflon worship" with no power. What is the result? We argue...the world laughs...and hurting and lost people die and go to hell.

May He forgive us for our failures and may he break our hearts for those sitting in our services each Sunday. The last thing they need is another "teflon" service!

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