Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Not Powerpoint?

When it comes to Worship Presentation Software, the choices can be overwhelming! The following article provides a great review of several leading software packages, specifically outlining the pros and cons of each product. This is a great resource to assist worship leaders and pastors in making the right product choice.

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Why Not Powerpoint?
With Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software such a dominant presence, the worship leader is tempted to ask why an additional piece of software is necessary for worship preparation. PowerPoint is designed to present a wide variety of media content, but it does so in a linear fashion. The presentation starts at slide one and proceeds to the finish. Rarely are slides accessed in a random fashion. When the typical praise chorus is displayed, the transitions between verses, bridge, and chorus require more flexibility than that offered by PowerPoint's design.
Worship software also allows on-the-fly modifications to the service sequence, adding songs or changing scripture references behind the scenes. A PowerPoint presentation is fixed once the display starts, so content cannot be added or modified without stopping the show and starting again. Specialized worship software offers many other benefits simply not available through PowerPoint, pushing it to the bottom of the list.
—Warren Rachele

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