Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is a Theology of Worship REALLY Important?

If someone were to get their view of God solely from the songs you are singing this Sunday, what would that "God" look like? The songs our church families sing play a central role in teaching a strong and biblical theology. In fact, the role of the worship leader is probably much more critical than most of us realize.
Dr. Robert Dale, who served for many years on the faculty of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, made the following statement: “…the hymns a congregation sings regularly and with feeling are the best clue to the congregation’s corporate theology.” He goes on to say that “The person who chooses the hymns for worship is potentially the most important theologian in his congregation” (Robert D. Dale, To Dream Again, 54). If these statements are true, then our worship services can tell us a lot about what our congregations believe about God.

I have talked with many worship leaders who question the importance of theology. It is not uncommon to hear things like “I’m not really worried about doctrine” or “I just want people to experience the love of Jesus.” The truth is, what we believe about God is critical to our growth as Christians. Have you really ever thought about what the songs you select teach about the Scriptures, God, the cross, grace or salvation?

Over the next few weeks I will be posting my thoughts on how we can teach our congregations critical doctrinal truths…I look forward to your comments as we take this journey together!

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  1. I totally agree with the quotations by Robert Dale. I well remember the years of my earlier age when I liked the music for it's entertainment value. In my later years I learned from the songs and then would feel closer to God. Understanding the message in each song enriches my worship experience which allows me to feel the love of Christ. The overall result is a thirst to worship our Lord more and more. Ron Crowe